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Discover your lockdown personality

Whether you've morphed into a star baker or you've completed every Netflix series possible, take a look at each of our lockdown personalities below and discover which one you are…

The lockdown prodigy 


The lockdown prodigy has learned three new languages, mastered the viola and launched a successful home business selling gourmet chutneys (in the time it’s taken most of us to change out of pyjamas).

The re-born baker


Coming a long way since their first banana bread in lockdown one, the re-born baker now says things like ‘GBBO is for amateurs’ and ‘I can’t believe I used to eat shop-bought bread’. Their sourdough starter has its own Instagram page.

The quizmaster 


Keeper of organised fun, the quizmaster never loses enthusiasm for a weekly test of general knowledge. Has a Zoom Premium subscription and diligently takes charge of organising regular virtual meetups. Catchphrase: You’re on mute! 

The wellness warrior 


Exists on Instagram solely to make the rest of us look bad, the wellness warrior can usually be found saluting the sun or adding a new smoothie bowl recipe to their health food blog. Taking lockdown three in their stride, the wellness warrior is the friend we hate to love. 

The gogglebox 


The gogglebox does not Netflix and chill – Netflix is a level to be completed and they’re top of the leaderboard. Sends daily recommendations for your watch list, as well as thoughtfully-tailored free trial subscriptions for more niche streaming services.